The brilliance of Squirtle’s PvT builds

Last night Squirtle showed some truly amazing play in Group C of the Code S ro32, which deserves to be gone over again.

Here is his opening build order:

9 Pylon
13 Gateway
15 Pylon
15 Gas
18 Cybernetics Core
18 Zealot
21 Gas
23 Pylon
23 Stalker (Chrono Boosted)
25 Warp Gate
27 Sentry

(Note that scouting occurs on 13 on large 4 player maps, and with the Zealot on 2 player maps. This can be subject to change.)

Now, off of this exact opening, Squirtle preformed 4 completely different builds:

3 Nexus into 8 Gateway Sentry bust
1 Gate expand into DT drop
1 Gate expand into 2 Colossus timing

It is pretty much impossible to tell which one he is doing with conventional scouting, because two ranged units get out (the stalker and the sentry) before his tech path reveals itself.

4 different builds, all difficult to scout, many requiring different tweaks to your play style to stop. Totally awesome to see planning like that when he’s facing a group full of Terrans who get to watch him play each of them. They can watch and study him, see the same thing they saw in his previous match, and BAM, its something completely different.

As a little bonus, here’s a really really old interview that Hwanni and I did with Squirtle:

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