PartinG’s 1 Gate Blink build PvP

I’ve been streaming a lot lately using PartinG’s 1 gateway Blink opener, and a lot of people have been asking for the exact build order. Here it is!:

9 Pylon

13 Gateway

15 Gas

16 Pylon

18 Core

18 Gas (chrono boost nexus)

19 Zealot

22 Pylon

23 Mothership Core (chrono boost nexus, energy now empty)

23 Warpgate

25 Stalker

27 Twilight


31 Gateway, Gateway

Blink (chrono boost it)

A few side notes:

Your Mothership Core leaves immediately to scout. Try and take a path where your opponent will not see it coming. Often times you can scout their full tech, and even kill a couple of probes, before you have to warp home or run. If you don’t have good intel by about 6:15, you should add a Robotics, because you can’t be sure your opponent is not going DTs, and at this time you will still be safe vs most DT builds.

I personally have been following this build up with a lot of Voidray transitions, but PartinG generally goes into Robotics, which is probably better. I suggest if you really want to use this build well, to go check out some PartinG PvPs from Proleague.

Of course, if you want to check out my stream, sponsored by Ttesports and iBuyPower, feel free to check out


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